Commission Status: Closed!

You like my art? Great! I like making art! Read on to see how you can commission an image or comic strip from me…


First, the Basics:

All commissions may be used for non-commercial purposes. Anything you want to use commercially must be negotiated via email. I like to display commissions on my website, so if you would rather not have it shared publicly, let me know, and I will refrain from posting it. I reserve the right to decline a commission request if my workload gets too heavy, or if it deals with a subject matter I do not feel comfortable drawing.


What I Draw:

Original characters and fan art with simplistic backgrounds. Commissions will either be in color or grayscale—your choice!


Art Process:

All artwork is penciled by hand, inked traditionally or digitally, then colored in Photoshop at 300 DPI. Prints are ordered through a photo lab on matte paper.



  • Digital image: $20
  • Digital comic strip: $20 per panel
  • Print image (US residents only; 8x10” max; includes digital copy): $50
  • Print comic strip (US residents only; includes digital copy): $70 for two panels; add $20 for each additional panel


It’ll take me 1-4 weeks to complete a commission. Depending on the length, complexity, and my overall workload, a comic strip commission may take longer. I can give a better estimate once learning the details of your commission request.



I accept payment via PayPal. Once I agree to do a commission, I require half of the payment upfront. You will compensate me for the rest once the commission is completed. If, for any reason, I am unable to finish it, your money will be refunded.


Still here? Great! Contact me at hrholden (at) live (dot) com for any commission requests you may have. Please include “Commission Request” in the subject line of the email so it doesn’t get mistaken for spam. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Feel free to email again if I haven’t responded after a week.

Past Commissions